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November 23, 2006

RF Tribute site launched at

November 21, 2006

Time Out Magazine review released

November 20, 2006

RF screens at London Children's Film Festival

October 18, 2006

MovieWeb review and interview released

October 1, 2006

Screening for 500 at Emmaus Theater

September 26, 2006 review released

September 18, 2006

Young Star News review released

September 16, 2006 review released

September 9-11, 2006

Benefit screenings at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City


July 8, 2006

RF offices move


July 3, 2006

New DVD artwork completed


June 18, 2006

FilmThreat review released


June 2, 2006

Soapdom review released


May 13, 2006

RF agrees to partner with online PR firm Special Ops


May 2, 2006

Special Edition DVD completed


April 16, 2006

Showcase theatrical release at Royal Laemmle Theater in Los Angeles


March 31, 2006

RF screens at Garden State Film Festival


March 9, 2006

RF screens at Tiburon Film Festival


February 28, 2006

Variety review released


February 23, 2006

RF attends Sedona Film Festival (see GALLERY for photos)


December 13, 2005

RF invited to screen at Tiburon Int'l Film Festival


December 6, 2005

RF invited to screen at Sedona Int'l Film Festival


October 29, 2005

RF premieres on Closing Night of Hawaii FF! (see GALLERY for photos)


October 6, 2005

RF Store is open for business!


October 3, 2005

RF invited to screen at Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival


September 22, 2005

RF invited to screen at St. Louis Int'l Film Festival


September 4, 2005

Film accepted to screen on Closing Night at Hawaii Int'l Film Festival (


August 6, 2005

Cast & Crew Premiere for 300 people in Allentown!


July 4, 2005

Article profiling composer Ludek Drizhal in Slovak Spectator (see Press section)


May 22, 2005

Follow up article in Morning Call (see Press section)


May 9-10, 2005

Three enthusiastic test screenings for 500 people in Sedona AZ - a taste of things to come?!


May 5, 2005

Test screening for investors in San Francisco, CA -  we receive raves!


April 29, 2005

Orchestral score mixed into audio master


April 20, 2005

Score recorded by Bratislava Radio & TV Symphony in Slovakia


April 10, 2005

Color correction and final picture edits completed


March 10, 2005

Matt Borish cast in lead role opposite Tony Award nominees Louis Zorich and

Omar Metwally in the Off-Broadway play Beast on the Moon


March 7, 2005

Color correction begins at Echo Post in Universal City, CA


March 2, 2005

Michael E. Knight nominated for another Best Actor Daytime Emmy


February 15, 2005

Score to be recorded in late March by Bratislava Orchestra in Slovakia


January 29, 2005

Michael E. Knight and RF profiled at


January 15, 2005

Scoring of film, audio re-master and final edits well underway


January 2, 2005

RF trailer receives thumbs up at "Trailer Park"


December 16, 2004

New links to articles added to site


December 15, 2004

Ludek Drizhal signs on to compose original score for film


December 14, 2004

Jeff Glixman signs on as Audio Engineer to supervise sound mix


December 9, 2004

150 new behind the scenes photos added the site


December 6, 2004

Rounding First is profiled on Young Star News Online


December 5, 2004

Michael Dean (Rascal) signs to star opposite Faith Ford, Kelly Ripa and Kathy Bates in MERIT OF CITATION


December 4, 2004

Return from a week in PA supervising the sound mix; Interviewing composers


November 30, 2004

Film submitted to initial wave of festivals around the world


November 18, 2004

Website adds 100 photos, guest book and news reports - Christmas comes early!


November 13, 2004 

Website re-launches with the grand premiere of trailer!


October 27, 2004

Hangin' Hams Productions relocates back to Santa Monica, CA.  Welcome home.


October 26, 2004

Picture is locked!  Angel Mountain begins the audio mix and mastering.


Mid-October, 2004

Phil Ehart of Kansas ('Dust in the Wind") signs on as our Music Supervisor.  We're thrilled beyond words.


September - October, 2004

Eight rough cut screenings in PA and NY.  Investors are delighted with the results.


September, 2004

Angel Mountain Productions & Sound agrees to provide our sound mix.


August 23, 2004

Production wraps after 30 shooting days.  Without a moment to spare, editing begins.


July 15, 2004

After a year of raising capital and marshaling resources, we undertake our first day of shooting.  The journey begins.